Licensed Penetration Tester

While the Certified Ethical Hacker course teaches threat agents that can compromise the security posture of an organization, and the EC-Council Security Analyst program provides a repeatable and documentable methodology for deep analysis of an organizations security posture, the Licensed Penetration Tester exam tests the mastery of the skill-sets required to be a true professional penetration tester – Technical Analysis and Report Writing.

To build on the technical skills taught in the Certified Ethical Hacking course, the EC-Council Certified Security Assessment course emphasizes application of a suitable methodology and report writing. The LPT (Master) practical exam thoroughly tests the application of this knowledge and the skills required in an examination that even our reviewers have called “extremely challenging”. There is no course for the LPT (Master) exam. The Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) certification Exam is the final step after the intense training and certification that you would have received in the Certified Ethical Hacker and the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst programs.

LPT (Master) Exam: A Real Time Performance Based Assessment

  • The LPT (Master) exam is developed with collaboration from SMEs and practitioners around the world after a thorough job role, job task, and skills-gap analysis.

  • License Help Me in Conducting Pen Tests

  • Provides assurance to your employer or prospective clients that you possess the “hands on” skills based competency to perform a thorough security assessment.

  • It provides you with the “entry pass” to become part of the EC- Council Global Service’s Tiger Team, which provides you a platform to showcase your skills and earn real-world pen testing experience, globally.

  • Unlike other proprietary pen testing frameworks that are used only within a particular organization, EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) framework is available to public.

  • The Licensed Penetration Testing (Master) encompasses the best of the breed methodologies from across the world, into one standard.

  • The “A” Team is an elite set of professionals who hold LPT (Master) credential and will either be working in conjunction or as part of the EC-Council Global Services (EGS) consulting unit

  • Selected Certified Licensed Penetration Tester professionals will be invited in EC-Council’s elite “A” Team. Police clearance / verification / background check / legal agreements will be involved before joining the team.